Monday, March 16, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

With this year's 2-year-old season less than a month away, there are a bunch of new names that will burst onto the scene. Some of them creative like our very own No Use Denying, who is out of Rumors Are Flying.

Here are name ideas if some of our horses were to meet in the breeding shed.

-Yorktown and Leamington

Leamington is a city in England. Yorktown is a town in Virginia where the British troops surrendered the American Revolution. The name of the general that surrendered fits as our new foal's name.

Name: Cornwallis

-Independent George (gelding) and No Use Denying

It's A Miracle would be my first choice for any Independent George offspring, given his inability to reproduce. But we're having fun here. Any fan of the show Seinfeild knows Independent George is a self-given name of character George Costanza. His other names include Relationship George, Coffee Shop George and the other was made for this sire/dam combination.

Name: Liar George

-Smart Bid and Innovative

Name: Intelligent

-Sudden Shift and Caprice

The dictionary definition of Caprice is to suddenly or unpredictably change one's mind. Sudden Shift is out of Changeable.

Name: Make Up Your Mind

-Proper Authority and Saucey Evening

After a Saucey Evening, the Authority may get involved.

Name: Incarcerated

-Great Belief and Coffee

Name: In Java We Trust

What is your favorite name in the Herringswell Stable?

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