Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morning Personalities in South Florida

A full Palm Meadows barn means many different equine personalities. Nobody is no more familiar with those personalities than their exercise riders. Riders Heather Craig, Vicki King and John Ortiz recently shared their takes.

"Everybody has a different personality, which is great," Ortiz said. You've got to love them all."

Bevy, a 3-year-old Menifee filly is on Ortiz's daily set list.

"Bevy is unpredictable. One day she wants to go, the other days not. Somedays she's bad other days she's good. But my favorite right now is Winsome Ways. The way she handles herself, I love her type; the tall, long chestnut. They know how to present themselves. If she was a car she would be like a Subaru STI. She has that power. That all-wheel drive power, you can feel it."

The stable's leading money earner, Better Talk Now is accompanied by Craig daily. The 10-year-old plays the game his way.

"I'd have to say Better Talk Now has the most personality," Craig said. "He's completely wild. Consistently wild. He wheels, then bucks, then wheels to the left."

Craig also gave the Breeders' Cup regular his due.

"If he was a car I'd have to say he'd be a Bentley. Because he's real nice and he's classy. He's very cool. He's a great gallop."

King takes a leg up on Bold Abbott, a Mizzen Mast 5-year-old horse.

"He's a little naughty but in a fun way," King said. "He's not trying to throw you off. He is funny. I think he just discovered he has 'things' down there. He's checking out the all the girls and everything."

"He'd be a Chevy SUV. You know because he's good enough but not a great one. But he gets the job done."

What do Winsome Ways and the Subaru STI
have in common?


  1. A subaru STI is a car that gets you from point A to point B, jus like w.ways does. Also its a car with LOTS of power that you can feel in the wheels, much like w.ways thats wat the draw reins are for. To control that all-wheel drive she has, jus like the STI has, is loads of fun! AND last but not least, a subaru STI is turbo charged and is a car that u jus have to rip down the streets once in a while to get that raw power in ur hands. When u breez w.ways is pretty much the same feelin, i only wish i would ride her in a race, jus i did with the STI!
    john O.

  2. just making sure everyone is on the same page i am .... :P

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